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I Love First Peoples Welcomes Actor And Speaker Duane Howard To Its Board

Actor and speaker Duane Howard

When the community of Attawapiskat declared a state of emergency in April 2016, I Love First Peoples responded by launching the I Love Attawapiskat & Canada’s Aboriginal Youth celebrity campaign. To this day, over 100 recording artists, visual artists, actors, models and athletes have eagerly lent their support by sending words of love and hope to the youth through this campaign.

Mr. Duane Howard, who played the Indigenous chief alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the award-winning movie The Revenant, was amongst the first to lend his support and also to catch the vision of how such a platform could change history for Indigenous youth in Canada.

Mr. Howard visited Ottawa in June, when I Love First Peoples held its campaign press launch. Together they took the opportunity to visit the Assembly of First Nations, the First Nations Caring Society and the Mayor of Gatineau where they were warmly received.

Today, Mr. Howard is joining I Love First Peoples to build for the future. He says: “I am passionate about our youth, and about raising awareness for them. I have been through much in my life, and want to bring my experience, strength and hope to youth across Canada, the United States and globally.”


I Love First Peoples is a Canadian registered charity that empowers Indigenous children and youth to succeed through education and the motivation to stay in school. We also bridge communities by providing citizens with tangible means though which to show their care.

Interviews and Info:

Josée Lusignan

President and founder


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