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Sew & Sew equips remote community schools with sewing labs, including quality sewing machines and supplies, so they can teach a valuable life skill through traditional projects in the school setting.


Your support enables us to equip classrooms and cover the high costs of shipping.

Janome Canada Ltd. contributes 60 quality sewing machines! Read all about it here:
Attention friends in the GTA : Sewing supply collections run annually from April 1 - May 31
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What's needed:
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Collection centres:

Collection centre locations for spring 2022 will be announced in March. 

Would your store want to become a collection point? If you are located in the GTA, Ottawa, Gatineau or Montreal areas, please contact us by email at

Recipient schools:

Many factors are involved in selecting a qualifying school for the installation of a Sew & Sew Skills Lab. Namely, we look at school infrastructure, existing sewing programs and teaching resources, prior collaboration with the school or community, as well as our ability to create longterm partnerships with transporters for the recipient community.


In 2021-22, recipient schools are:

Natuashish (Labrador)

Nain (Labrador)

Pond Inlet (Nunavut)

Igloolik (Nunavut)

Sturgeon Lake First Nation (Saskatchewan)

More will be added soon.


We are so proud to work with Ruth Dukas as official ambassador of the Sew & Sew Skills Lab program!

Ruth is a retired, award-winning Canadian fashion designer who in the 1960s was celebrated across North America for her evening wear designs with their luxurious beading and embroidery. She employed Indigenous women for some of the bead work and recalls how Indian Affairs at the time made the process extremely difficult; buried in red tape and endless paperwork, she was forced to abandon her employment strategy, but always hoped that someday she would be able to continue supporting Indigenous women and communities.

In 2017, Ruth joined I Love First People as a chapter leader for Kingston. Each year since, she mobilizes her network in support of our projects. What’s even more amazing is that Ruth has reignited her passion for knitting through ILFP, as each year she knits dozens of hats and scarfs for children in remote communities – the kids who receive her creations love them, and are always so happy to hear the story of the wonderful woman who made them! (Ruth was also a knitwear designer, working alongside other greats like Alfred Sung).

Today, at a youthful 92, Ruth is asking all Canadians, especially all businesses and groups involved in textile arts, to join her in helping young students to learn sewing through traditional projects.


Together, we can help elevate a new generation of Indigenous creators and designers who are all very eager to get started…

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