Bring a child or youth a personalized gift of joy and friendship!

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Individuals, schools and community groups across Canada have adopted our Friendship gifts project as an act of reconciliation that helps the students who receive them to celebrate the joy of education.


Our many years of experience in partnering with schools in 90 remote communities has taught us the invaluable power and importance of art to bring healing, to provide an outlet for positive self-expression and to strengthen cultural learning. This is why our flagship "gift box" program now focusses exclusively on the gift of ART! As always, you have the option to personalize that gift by sending us your own artistic creation, which we will include with your gift.

Furthermore, our commitment to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations means we also want to make every effort to improve our carbon footprint. This is why we no longer ask donors to pack physical gifts (these can now be purchased through our online store), nor do we send the kits in repurposed shoeboxes anymore. Instead, we send art kits in cinch bags that students can use to carry items to school. This generates less waste in the communities, as they do not have recycling facilities, and also maximizes the efficiency of our logistics and transportation.


For I Love First Peoples, Friendship ART gifts represent an opportunity to engage with communities, as we hold school celebration events with celebrity friends and distribute art kits to every child and youth. This initial event enables us to find out how we can continue to support education in each community, because each community has different needs and we place a high value on our ability to remain adaptable. We collect Friendship ART gifts during the fall campaign from October 15th to December 25th.


Online purchases are eligible for a tax receipt, which will be sent to you in February (in Canada).

Special message from Gisele Corinthios of The Gisele Mishmash and formerly Gisele's Big Backyard on TVO Kids!

From October 15th to December 25th 2021, we need your help to fill 7500 art kits destined for Ontario (through child & family services), Saskatchewan, northern B.C. and Nunavut!


Click on the FLYER below for instructions on packing a personalized kit or go directly to our Store. If you are participating as a group, download the PDF fillable POSTER and FLYER below.

2021-22 POSTER
(8.5 x 11 PDF fillable)

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2021-22 FLYER
(8.5 x 11 PDF fillable)

ILFP 2021-22 flyer image for website.png
Amidst COVID-19
ILFP partners with
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