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In 2016, in the face of an escalating suicide crisis, I Love First Peoples responded by asking prominent Canadians to join them in saying “I Love Attawapiskat” over social media. Artists, in droves, answered the call with a resounding Yes! Today, we continue to raise awareness across Canada and globally with the help of our celebrity friends — not only for Attawapiskat, but for all Indigenous youth.

We thank all the recording artists, actors, athletesmodels, dancersauthorsvisual artists and media personalities who add their names daily to encourage the youth -- you guys are just SO awesome! 

"I would love to be a part of this movement, it is very noble and righteous and I support it 100%. Thanks again for the opportunity!"  JOEY STYLEZ

"We would love to work with you guys any way that we can... Much Love." Mike Bone of MikeBone Music, as seen on America's Got Talent

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