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Help The Youth to Create Economic Prosperity!

Kitiganik School in Rapid Lake

What's wrong with this economic picture of Rapid Lake:

Statistics on Rapid Lake, Quebec


We have been working successfully with the First Nations community of Rapid Lake, Quebec, since 2013, motivating children and youth toward academic success. Our work has directly contributed to a 30% increase in school enrolment, and a 40% decrease in absenteeism.

In a community with 90% unemployment, it is imperative that we empower the youth to create opportunity for themselves and their community! We urgently need your help to start a new micro-business pilot project -- without your support, the project cannot begin.

The project is set to begin September 29th, 2016, with youth aged 13-16 who cannot attend a regular high school and who are at particularly high risk of dropping out. We want the youth to understand that they can still achieve greatness in life despite the many challenges they face. An introduction to entrepreneurship will open their horizons and enable them to imagine a better future.

The pilot project costs $15,000. This is a pilot project that would eventually be introduced to youth across Canada. Our organization has actively sought funding locally, but we must still raise $10,000.

Will you help? Please consider a donation or a sponsorship today! To donate, click here:

The principal of Kitiganik Elementary School, Ms. Shirley Whiteduck, says this about the project: “Starting a micro-business would benefit our teens at high risk. It would give them an opportunity to discover new career paths and to learn outside the box, and would motivate them to stay in school. Micro business is the way to developing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. They will become creative thinkers and challenge themselves on a daily basis. This will also help them to acquire skills for possible work placements. Now is the time to begin this process with them, to keep them in school.”

Thank you!

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