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Are you non-Indigenous?

I Love First Peoples has always existed to promote bridging — long before anyone was talking about the need for bridging. As such, our organization is reflective of our heart for bridging. Our board of directors is majority Indigenous, and our many chapters across Canada represent a beautiful blend of Indigenous and non-Indigenous citizens working together in solidarity to bring change to this land we all share.

How are you funded?

I Love First Peoples is a volunteer-based organizations. As of yet, not one person receives a salary. We work hard to maximize the impact of every dollar. Our funding comes mainly from individual donors and corporations. We do not receive federal government funding.

Are you a charity or a non-profit?

I Love First Peoples is a Canadian registered charity. By definition, a charity must first be registered as a non-profit to obtain charitable status with Revenue Canada.

Why have you chosen the name I Love First Peoples, and do you think it can be viewed as colonial posturing?


Our charity is intentional about helping to build better relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. Right now, the name is intended to create an emotional connection and a shift in the mindsets of those Canadians who are only now beginning to understand the impact of colonial history or who have not engaged in the issues. There is still much racism against Indigenous people in this country. For a non-Indigenous Canadian to embrace our work, given our name, represents a choice to embrace a positive relationship and to rethink colonial attitudes.


When I buy items through your store, do you deliver them to a child?

Yes. We will pack and deliver the items; they will not be sent to you.

Why does your store ask for my "shipping" address?

Please fill out the "shipping" address section, and we will use your address to mail you a charity receipt in February. The "shipping" address is not used for any other purpose and is not provided to the student receiving your gift.


Will I get a charity receipt?

We issue charity receipts in February for donations of $20 or more. To receive a receipt, please make sure to provide your complete mailing address with your donation.

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