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Why, why, why?

This blog is well overdue. Reality is, launching a celebrity platform is not restful. Iain and I are sold out to the cause, so we work long hours and run on little sleep. Our focus has been to get as much support for the youth as possible.

So thank you for your patience! While we’ve been plugging away and sending celebrity shout-outs over social media on an almost daily basis, you have been sending lots of encouragement and asking great questions – awesome!

The purpose of this blog is to answer your questions, to make announcements, to share some insights, and to enable you to journey with us as we meet and converse with extraordinary people, be it the youth themselves or the celebrities who support them.

The first question I’ll answer today is undoubtedly the most important: why are we doing this?!

Watch the video and find out. :)

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