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Self Care
Education and Support For Children & Youth Living In BC

In Northern communities where resources are often scarce and basic necessities unaffordable for many, I Love First Peoples is helping children and youth with hygiene kits and education on self care through the Glowing Hearts project. This program is currently available in British Columbia only.


Glowing Hearts aims to foster a positive self image, increase self confidence and encourage healthy living for children and youth in isolated communities. Hygiene kits are distributed directly through school principals, health service agencies, and the RCMP Aboriginal Policing Division. The contents of the Glowing Hearts kits are specific, and were determined following a consultative process with our partnering agencies and front line workers. The kits also include materials on self care. These are usually distributed in the context of workshops or on an individual basis when a need is identified.


If you would like to get involved, here’s how you can help:


1. Pack a hygiene kit online directly from our store. Your purchase is eligible for a tax receipt, which you will receive in February (in Canada).

2. Organize a collection of the hygiene items displayed on our Store. Brands may vary, but our store shows exactly what types of items are required within the kits. Contact us to organize the delivery of your items, or ship them directly to our Vancouver address.


The Glowing Hearts project originated in British Columbia in 2015 and was launched by Juanita Ens who currently serves as the ILFP Glowing Hearts program director. She began the initiative with her family. Her mother, who herself had suffered from a lack of basic necessities growing up on a reservation, is reminded each day of the urgent need for such necessities through her work at the Victim Services unit of the RCMP Aboriginal Policing Division. 

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