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Because achievement shouldn't go unnoticed!


Each year in communities across Canada, we organize our signature back-to-school celebration events for children and youth. They have come to anticipate these events, and their joy is truly heartwarming! Activities include: workshops with celebrity friends, sporting games, inflatables, face painting, storytelling, a giant cake and — in communities where we make our initial introduction —  a gift-filled shoebox distribution for all.

Throughout the year, students in participating schools who achieve milestones in learning are further rewarded with certificates and prizes such as shoebox gifts or larger year-end prizes. In June, the children have an opportunity to give back, as they proudly show us their best work.

All of our celebration events attract a great number of parents and community members, providing further encouragement for the students and school staff. In Rapid Lake, within two years of holding celebration events, the school had noted a 30% increase in child enrolment. 

Beginning in 2019, our certificate program will include participation from celebrity friends and will be expanded in view of establishing a scholarship program.

We currently provide certificates and prizes throughout the school year to schools in Rapid Lake, QC

and Attawapiskat, ON. Our programs are offered at no cost to the communities. Please help us to

support more schools in this capacity by making a donation today!

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