I Love First Peoples empowers Indigenous children and youth to succeed through education and the motivation to stay in school. We also bridge communities through projects that promote reconciliation and make it easy to get involved.


Our utmost desire is to see indigenous communities flourish, and to see First Peoples honoured and their culture restored as we establish our mission across Canada.


We are a bridge. Our board has both Indigenous and non-Indigenous members. We could not claim to bridge communities otherwise. Will you walk this bridge with us? 

We are non-political. It seems most citizens, like we once did, feel powerless to help because the issues facing First Peoples are so big and require political solutions. While this is true, we have proven that ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary. Will you step off the sidelines and join us?


Our founder, Josée Lusignan, has worked for some of the largest charities in the world. One day, she was shocked to read that an aid organization was feeding First Nations children in northern Quebec. In a country as prosperous as ours, how could this be? 

A few years later, Josée stayed in downtown Winnipeg for part of the summer, where she spent most of her time buying lunches, coffees and water bottles for First Nations people living on the street. She left devastated from all the pain she had witnessed, but more determined than ever to make a change.

That’s when we (the rest of us musketeers) got an email… Would we please ask everyone we knew to take empty shoeboxes and fill them with gifts for children. Within a few short weeks, Josée’s living room was piled high with gift-filled shoeboxes.

In 2014, we met with the director of education in Rapid Lake, one of the most disadvantaged First Nations communities in Quebec. He graciously welcomed us and introduced us to the principal and leaders of Kitiganik Elementary School who embraced us also. 

A few months later we met the children whose smiles and kindness and joy captured our hearts. We’ve been sold out ever since.

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